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The pictures I've got are from the 'Tamara Kiknadze' that appears in your black list (

I'm sending you the pictures I've got to add to your collection.

Both are from Yoshkar-Ola and both have the same photos of Marina Urakova from Kstovo, Russia. She works at a tourist agency called "Puma" supposedly.

See report on Marina at: ttp:// R/M/#2 Olga Toropova is 22 years old and her address is Olga Toropova, Street Petrova 4-138, Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-el, 424038, Russia. E-mail address is [email protected] has a profile posted at Matchdoctor as Olga103 . All three of these ladies all have the exact same photos and are one in the same. ( Scam Hunter )Dear Thanks a lot for your nice letter and photos; I like them very much.

In Russia many people would deceive American people what to receive from them money they do it by different ways. I am not guilty in that that my photos are sent with other people. I do not think myself guilty of for that that my photo is on the other site. S Linc I loved you I trusted you on 100 %, it is not very a pity to me that you may answer me with reciprocity.

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It starts like 'Thank you for you reply :) i live Ukraine. The girl's name is Tatyana Opviso and her e-mail address Tanya [email protected]

I visited some places in Russia, Ukraine, Baltic countries; several times I went to Moscow but I've never been to St. I heard this city is the most charming in Russia; I hope to visit it some day. I'll be waiting for your next letter with great impatience. I was contacted on by a few scammers, but this is the most obvious one. My small Angel is 2.5 years and his name is Nikita. Though many years I suffered from loneliness, I know that I'll find my wayout. In this uneasy and at once nice life we so much need the one who will believe in us and the main thing is to understand. Since I stayed lonely, much in life turned to me the other way. I checked your site and a few more and drew a blank.

Moscow is a very beautiful and interesting city as well but it doesn't have such a special charm as Peter. You are a very interesting person and a handsome man; I am sure women always pay much attention to you; so I wonder why you are still single, never married? She calls herself Tanya, says she's from the Ukraine, and has a son named Nikita. To create own unique world without unsincere and empty - what can be more important? I learned to value simple human joys and stopped to take hurting trifles close to me. Then I found an anti scam site, that had her picture and a different name and town.

I've been working here as a tour-manager for about 3 years. I'm grateful to them without limit that they took me to them and let to be the part of their world. And I know that Nikita will lack man's father's attention with time.

I like my job; it's interesting to communicate with new people, to learn many things but sometimes I feel a little tired after the working day. Thanks for the photos; I like them very much especially the one you are doing something with your patient on; it looks a little bit frightening (smile). Darling , I'll tell you a little bit about my city. And if honestly I'm afraid very much of the time when hi would ask me why hi doesn't have father and I would have nothing to say. I want to continue our correspondence as I see much in common.

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