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While in school he found lots of friends and became involved in youth groups, etc.His upbringing instilled in him a love of Jesus Christ.

He recalled, “God’s funny because that all happened much quicker than I thought it would. ’ When the time is right, the time is right.” After contacting the vocation director and spending a lot of time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, he considered, “If not me, then who? ” After giving notice that he intended to leave his job in a month, he found out that his former hotel property had been sold and his “work family” would be disbanded. “God talks to you in ways that you will understand.” Father Cole believed God was reinforcing his decision to join the seminary by clearing a pathway for him.

Father Cole loves to read, ski, rollerblade and ride his bike.

He has a house in Buffalo and enjoys visiting Delaware Park when he has time off.

He said, “I thought I was young enough to say, if the priesthood doesn’t work out, there are always going to be hotels.” “One day at a time!

” That was his moto after starting at Christ the King Seminary in 2010.

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