Accommodating adhd on the crct

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He announced that the three main people in the State Education office said it couldn’t be done.I had the policy that I got at the district which said nothing of the sort.She did her research, contacted the experts, and determined what she thought was the best route for her child.We don’t agree that retention is the best case for most children.I think she needs more help – not just being held back.

Finally, the new research shows that kids are not successful when they are being taught at a frustration level . For our son, who is 1.4 years behind, moving ahead put him in the frustration level.All of these factors led us to ask for retention so he could catch up and move ahead the next year.We requested retention for many of the same reasons as you and were told it had never been done in our district beyond kindergarten or first and they were not going to do it. The reasons were it hasn’t been done, it’s against policy, research doesn’t support it, etc.– A – Accommodations: MY STUDENTS NEED ACCOMMODATIONS FOR ADHD Mari: I’m a regular ed teacher.I have two students that need accommodations for ADHD.

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