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Also, they may not translate completely to mentoring contexts in the humanities and social sciences.

BRET Graduate and Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring Program – Information about mentoring in the Biomedical Research, Education and Training (BRET) program in the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, including a summary of recommendations from a mentoring committee, guidelines for faculty mentors and additional mentoring resources. The Mentor’s Guide: Facilitating Learning Relationships, Jossey-Bass.

In fact, part of your responsibility as a mentor is to help students cultivate multiple mentoring relationships inside and outside the University., Johnson integrates and distills findings from the mentoring literature into distinctive components of mentorships.

These are the “facets of mentoring that help distinguish it from other relationship forms” (pg. In developing mentoring guides for faculty and graduate students, the Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan talked to faculty recognized for their mentoring and asked graduate students: “What did your mentors do for you that made the greatest difference to your graduate career?

We certainly are not suggesting that you should try to fulfill all the roles described for every student you mentor.

Mentoring in one form or another is a means by which teachers can break down their isolation and support professional learning in ways that focus on the daily work of teachers and teaching learning situations.

In addition to working with a student to develop teaching and research skills, the mentoring relationship is likely to involve helping the protégé develop the skills necessary to succeed professionally.

” From these discussions they identified the following tasks of a mentor: , Johnson describes the common phases of mentoring relationships, based on a model by Kram.

Johnson emphasizes the fact that while mentoring relationships with students will move through a predictable developmental course, ” …

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