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The most popular Vocaloid is Crypton Future Media’s Miku Hatsune, who sports green pigtails and wields a leek baton.

Hatsune debuted in summer 2007, and technologically savvy otaku quickly fell in love with her imperfect tone, which is said to resemble the “non-ability” that contributes to idols’ popularity. Fans started making music videos of Hatsune and posting them on Nico Nico Douga, including such innovations as her singing Finnish polka.

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By 2000, she had released a CD with Avex and starred in a TV commercial with actor Yoshihiko Hakamada. Terai wasn’t the first of her kind; that honor goes to Hori Pro’s Kyoko Date back in 1996.

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The group’s music videos were seen alongside videos of The [email protected] girls and Miku, both of which often covered Perfume songs.

Even as the band found commercial success with the national recycling campaign anthem, “Polyrhythm” (2007), and shattered records with a No.

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