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Your 31-day or 365-day subscription period begins immediately upon the SCAO setting up your account and will expire automatically at the end of your subscription period.

You have unlimited access to the system, and additional features within the system, during your subscription period.

The site contains all active judgments and contains inactive judgment information from April 19, 2004 to the present.

All docketed judgments and updated information to those judgments are entered onto this website in "realtime" with no delays except for maintenance or repair to the system, which we will attempt to schedule in the evening hours to avoid any inconvenience to the user.

After you have entered the system, you may purchase credits in increments to search any civil money judgment that has been docketed in the state (with the exception that inactive judgments are only available electronically from April 19, 2004 to present).

Use of South Dakota court records, including South Dakota Unified Judicial System's Electronic Civil Money Judgment System, is governed by SDCL 1-27-1, South Dakota's open records law, and SDCL ch. Pursuant to these statutes, reselling or redistributing lists of information from this database or from the paper court records is prohibited by law as a Class 2 misdemeanor.The judgment docket indicates the person or company's address at the time the judgment was issued.Judgment filing times listed within this database are local time; judgment docketing times are Central time.Pursuant to SDCL 16-2-29.6, the access cost for a monthly subscription is 0; the cost for a yearly subscription is 00.Historical data on civil money judgments filed in South Dakota dating back twenty years on active judgments and back to April 19, 2004 on inactive judgments may be obtained by contacting the State Court Administrator's Office, 500 E.

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