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Courtney Love gave Kurt a heart shaped box before they started dating. Just my translation After many times of listening to this cool song it dawned on me that it actually resembles the song from Chris Isaak called "Wicked Game." To my surprise I found out that the album that contains this song is called Heart Shaped World and Cobain's song is called "Heart Shaped Box." I thought this is interesting enough to mention as most probably Cobain did it subconsciously as any writer of songs can confirm that many times you pull a song which later on you find out you heard somewhere else. I just want to say that I still love this song here in 2013. "forever in debt for your priceless advice" Santa hat, Jesus disappears during the chorus because he means nothing in death. This song I’m assuming is about his addiction to Courtney and drugs or relating his addiction to her as if she were a drug.If you would have said , "This is what I get from this song," or, "This is what I think it means," I would have respected your post a lot more. I’ll only have said it once but it looks like I’m complaining all the time.Unfortunately, you chose to beat your idea down everybody's throats, which isn't cool. People also don’t realise that in all the interviews before ‘Nevermind’ come out, and in the first few months afterwards, we had different perspectives on what our band was. We didn’t realise how many interviews we were doing, just knew that we were exhausted every night after talking for hours on end." - Kurt Cobain-Heart Shaped Box was also inspired by Jessica Tandy, the original Blanche Dubois, and Vivian “Leigh” starring in Tennessee William’s A Street Car Named Desire.(Inspired by Blanche’s Seahorse Pin)I listened to a radio interview of Courtney Love in Burbank and when Kurt was across town playing at the Whiskey Go-Go.I could inform people on the musical aspect on the song if I knew it, but I admit I've never learned to play this song so I'll keep my mouth shut about that area. The only hint is watching poor kids with cancer die believing in Jesus, his words. logic guys..."broken hymen of your highness im left black/throw down your umblical noose so i can climb right back" his mother is his highness and obviously the hymen must be broken in order to give birth to kurt which left him black as in dead and empty because of his addiction and wishes he could climb back into her womb and start over"Meat eating orchids forgive noone just yet" is a reference to heroin.

Out of no where A mother that needed him, for her life depended on it.A mother that says I'm being punished for what i did when i was young heroin is dumb...A mother that lies in a hospital bed dying while she gets to know her son, his forever in dept to her priceless advice shocked by all this he wishes she would throw down her umbilical noose so i can climb right back.Kurt Cobain was unfortunate to have a less than spectacular childhood, along with with horrible stomach problems and a mentall illness which probably drived him to get addicted to drugs, which didn't help any.Basically what I'm saying is mental illness does not make a person crazy or sadistic. Evanescence (Amy Lynn Hartzler going by the stage name Amy "Lee").

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