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Three of the four movies she has made are set in wartime, including her latest, , based on the true story of Loung Ung, who as a young girl survived the Cambodian genocide and is now one of Jolie’s close friends.While Jolie’s earlier movies garnered tepid reviews, several critics have anointed her best yet.She has a meticulously managed public profile yet professes not to care what others think.She remains near the pinnacle of celebrity’s cruel pyramid, even though her recent movies only made money when she was camouflaged ().She is obsessed over – if, in the United States at least, not exactly beloved – and fixed in the cultural firmament as America’s vixen despite having a half-dozen-strong brood.And even though the public appetite for salacious details of her personal life has long eclipsed interest in the films she has directed, Jolie doggedly brings tough, obscure stories to the screen.She’s the glamorous A-lister whose every move is tracked in headlines (“Angie and the kids left Target because it didn’t serve hot dogs,” read one recent news flash), and the humanitarian do-gooder who has made more than 60 trips to the field as part of her United Nations work.Apparent contradictions account for her elusive allure.

Before first visiting in 2000 to shoot , she had been a Hollywood wild child, a ravishing Goth weirdo who, at the Oscars that year, dressed like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and locked lips with her brother.

Jolie had an elaborate treehouse built – “more a parkour treehouse,” she says – and the kids helped decorate and pick out the furniture for the whole house.

They have an agreement, Jolie says, that not everyone can agree on everything, but you have to try to like it if you don’t hate it. “It has a lot of moments,” Jolie says of the home, “It’s happy.

(We soon move to the air-conditioned climes of her kitchen.) Jolie is a contained and poised presence, yet also light, breaking every now and then into lilting laughter.

She is as visually arresting as she appears onscreen; the sculpted lines of her face alongside the soft O’s of her eyes and mouth make hers an otherworldly beauty.

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