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There’s got to be a way to find women who share interests with me.

With the next app, I will try to avoid another peanut misstep.

If it doesn’t work out, that’s okay, there will be another bagel tomorrow, and hopefully the day after that too, until you’re so sick of looking at bagels who don’t want to hang out with you that you swear off breakfast for a week.

The next app is another I have some experience with, which may help the process along.

To see someone else’s photo, you’ll have to decide whether you like their fact or not.

It’s still easy enough to be superficial, but it gives you the chance to put your sense of humor and (hopefully interesting) personality right out front.

It only took me two days to come up with my interesting fact, which is “One time I got my hand stuck in a jar of organic peanut butter.” Pretty great, right?

I didn’t hear anything back on Loveflutter, I assume because of the meteoric rise of peanut allergies?

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