Authlogic account activation validating email mailover7 datingpoint

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There are 2 models, your Authlogic model and your Active Record model: Because Authlogic introduces its own methods for storing user sessions, the CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) protection that is built into Rails will not work out of the box.

No generally applicable mitigation by the authlogic library is possible, because the instance variable you use to store a reference to the user session in If you create one of your own, please let us know about it so we can add it to this list. A database connection must be established before you can use it.

You should only make that random number valid for maybe an hour or so.

If they hit that link after the hour then it's no longer valid.

Using this information, you can set up a new account on your smartphone.(@current_user_session) @current_user_session = User end def current_user return @current_user if defined?(@current_user) @current_user = current_user_session && current_user_end helper_method :current_user_session, :current_user [...][...] resources :users, only: [:new, :create] resources :user_sessions, only: [:create, :destroy] delete '/sign_out', to: 'user_sessions#destroy', as: :sign_out get '/sign_in', to: 'user_sessions#new', as: :sign_in [...] At this point you are good to go – boot up the server and register your first user!Full discussion can be found on Git Hub, but, in short, this error is related to SCrypt, a gem that implements secure password hashing algorithm.Auth Logic uses SCrypt as a default crypto provider, but on Windows it constantly returns segmentation error and the server crashes.

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