Backdating rent allowance

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This is something I talk about a lot but I’m not going to apologise for being boring; it’s too important.If you want to claim Housing Benefit, do it straight away.People Pension Age: If you or your partner are Pension age, we can backdate your benefit for up to 3 months.People Under Pension Age : If you and your partner are both under Pension Age, we can backdate your benefit for up to 1 month, but only if there was a good reason why you could not make the claim earlier.There must have been continuous good reason why you did not claim throughout the whole period you want your claim backdated for.If you want us to consider backdating your claim you can indicate this as part of your application or write to us.If there has been a reason which stopped or delayed you applying for Housing or Council Tax Reduction you can ask for your claim to be ‘backdated’ so that it starts from an earlier date.

In exceptional circumstances, (where ‘good cause is shown’ in the official phrase), it can sometimes be backdated but that’s rare.Backdating allows an authority to award benefit for a period prior to the date the application was made (or is deemed to have been made).If a customer can show that there is “good cause” for not making the claim earlier then the authority can award backdated benefit.Tenants are still losing out by making their claims late or not giving us the information we need to process their claims.Invariably, this means higher arrears for the landlords, struggling tenants and even people losing their homes.

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