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I’ve got all the ‘feels’ today, so I feel a rambly post coming on.I’ve had a pretty terrible week, worse than all the bad weeks I’ve experienced in a while. I’d had a long and exhausting day and I was on my way home on the tube, standing up amongst the commuters rammed in the carriage. I was surrounded by people and felt like I had no one to lean on.I’ve become very good at burying my head in the sand, so I’ve continued to do so. Feeling lonely sucks, but then I find a distraction and get over it (until the next time).I have a dream, that I eventually find ‘my person’.Basically, they’re not impressed by it or vaguely even interested.

I know the simple answer to this problem would be to put myself out there and take this whole ‘looking for a life partner’ thing seriously. I know no one really does, but I have a feeling I will take it to heart, maybe a bit too much when I’m already feeling vulnerable.Sure, having a nice place to live would be pretty sweet, but if I can travel and see the world, or even live abroad with my partner instead, then that would make me the happiest person.I watched something recently where a very wise person said, look for qualities in a partner like you would look for in a roommate.This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned this in my posts.But it’s only recently that I realised just how tired I am of keeping up appearances.

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