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Avoid misunderstanding the key differences between your loans by getting a clear inventory of what you owe.

Check out the National Student Loan Data System at to find a complete listing of all your federal student loans.

For example, if you find yourself in a difficult financial situation or should your financial priorities shift due to a significant life event, having the flexibility to move from one payment plan to another could be valuable.

Therefore, the ability to adjust your repayment plan could be a reason for keeping your loans with the federal government, even if it is at a higher interest rate than what you could get privately.

As a result, refinancing at a lower rate is often a financially positive one because reducing the rate on your federal student loans could: Before we get overly excited and say that privately refinancing your federal student loans is a "no-brainer," it's extremely important to understand what you are keeping and losing should you choose to stick with those government loans or privately refinance them.

I would also like to point out that the discussion surrounding student debt is part of a greater discussion surrounding financial education in our country.

For those of us who have already finished our college and graduate school educations, refinancing student loan debt is a reaction to costly financial decisions already made.

But higher education is expensive and scholarship and grant aid has failed to keep pace with rising tuitions.

In the United States today, there are approximately 37 million student loan borrowers who together owe more than one trillion dollars. Know Your Loans If you need to borrow for school, look first to federal student loans.

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