Bob dylan dating history

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Not long after 10pm on Wednesday night at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin, a slight figure in a fedora and jacket walks into the lobby, which is a riot of gilded wood and swirling brown marble.The man looks neither left nor right and says not a word to anyone as he walks to the lifts.It's a country house and his brother lives in the house next door.It's about 100 miles away from where he was born, near to the border with Canada.

But if she was, there was no sign of her with Dylan in Dublin, where he played the O2 centre twice this week.

I think in his entire career he has only ever done one chat show.' Dylan's principal home is near Malibu and was built to his specifications in the Seventies.

At the centre of the house is a circular room beneath a copper dome.

1 on both sides of the Atlantic, the first time he has topped the charts here in more than 38 years. Despite approaching 70, he is on the road again in a never-ending tour which started almost exactly 21 years ago and - quite extraordinarily - shows no signs of abating.

This weekend, after spending spring in the UK and Europe, he will be on his way home to his beach house in Malibu, California, for a break.

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