Bobby brown dating macy gray

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Macy Gray has talked about working with Whitney Houston’s Bobby Brown.Macy said that she has known Bobby for some time now so it was a natural and easy process working with him in the studio on the so far untitled track.

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He's trying to help Brandy through it."Brandy could be charged with negligent homicide in connection with the accident.

If found guilty of those charges, she could face more than a year in prison.

Bobby Brown, whose divorce from Whitney Houston became final in April, is back to his old ways. And it wasn't Karrine Steffans holding his hand, people.

"It's very difficult to communicate" with Brown, Houston told Superior Court Judge Franz Miller. I don't know where he's going to be at any point in time."For starters, Brown wasn't in court on Wednesday.

His attorney, Ram Cogan, said that he will file a petition protesting the custody ruling, which provided for "reasonable" visitation with Bobbi Christina. Ever since the tragic car accident that left a woman dead, countless celebrities have reached out to support R&B singer Brandy.

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