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(Interestingly, Hannity tweeted this in October 2016, but it was nevertheless resurrected and circulated in recent weeks!

However outrageous it may be that Hannity’s name was mentioned in federal courts in connection with a separate matter, this example is proof that it is best to avoid BIMBO comments, as, fair or unfair, they may come back to haunt you!

(Like so many of these examples, he also had positive quotes.

He said the intention is to “continue to have discussions with China.” Remember what theater impresario Billy Rose said, “Never make predictions—especially about the future.”) The Wall Street Journal, “Trump Officials Soften Tone on Trade Dispute With China,” April 8, 2018 “I’m not the Brett Favre girl,” insisted Jenn Sterger.

I got an account rep who was professional but didn’t take the opportunity of this person-to-person interaction to say, “We really appreciate your business and we’re dedicated to living up to the line in our advertisements about justifying your trust.” Advertising is still a key medium and the impact of social media is well documented— but nothing, nothing—replaces the impact of person-to-person communication where we can hear and experience genuine connection. See also an example of the wrong thing to say from star-counselor Tony Robbins, a twisted statistic about starving college students, excellent articles proving words matter and a suspect psychology study on smiling.

“It was not an alien,” insisted astronaut Buzz Aldrin about an “unidentified” object outside the spaceship on the way to the moon in 1969.

The study falls apart when you realize that only 10 percent of students surveyed responded and that students were enticed to fill out the survey by the chance to win 0 prizes.

Those ambitious enough to research survey specifics found participants were asked questions like whether they ever “feared ‘food would run out before I got money to buy more.’” Contrast with the more dependable statistic that 70 percent of students gain weight during their undergraduate years and this study is one more example of why readers of such publications are dwindling. The real college problem is obesity.,” April 11, 2018 A good example of the power of words and honing the effectiveness of employees as ambassadors results from the debate over genetically-modified foods, which is growing as technology like Crispr plough ahead.

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Wells Fargo has a new, multi-million-dollar ad campaign aimed at convincing consumers that its well-publicized regulatory problems have been settled.

The mob rolled over him, and he, like others, had to abase himself and apologize.

He ended up describing the movement effusively as “a beautiful force for good.” Robbins gets the “you did it to yourself” nod; however, he did use one of his trademark presentation approaches.

People, actual bank employees taking ownership and delivering the line in addition to the compelling ad.

I’m a Wells mortgage holder and just called to change my address on my account. This month we have BIMBOs from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, two councilmen – one in Texas and another in D. – and, even, two ads from a wealth management firm.

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