Boyfriend logs on dating sites

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Expect him to continue to log in and correspond with women.

In the early stages of dating, his logging in does not mean much.

Anything is better than becoming part of a harem and a three-ring circus of the women he is getting jiggy with.

Women tend to hang on to these crumb relationships way longer than they really should.

If someone is on a dating site or several dating sites, the action of logging in can become habit-forming and even addictive.

It just becomes part of the everyday have coffee log in and read mail routine.

Just know that in a normal healthy relationship, the man will have zero problem getting off a dating web site for you.

Hopefully this makes you understand that until you are in an exclusive relationship, your guy is going to be dating other women and logging into those websites.

Until that conversation happens and goes well however, it is open season still.

Do you log into the dating sites that you belong to while still dating someone? It can be confusing when you are seeing someone, and even being intimate with them, but you both are still logging into your dating sites.

If you are dating a man who is fading, check the dating websites because he is more likely on them than just too busy to ever text you.

Do you really want to be intimate with a man who is actively chasing after other women?

He may look like Brad Pitt but you may also be selling yourself short.

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