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She's incredibly conflicted about being there, hates herself for the work she does there and yet feels very empowered.

It does give her a sense of power, even though she hates herself for the fact that it makes her feel powerful, and there's the incredible relationship with Quinn. Quinn and Rachel's last conversation really encapsulated their partnership, where Quinn tells Rachel she's "a star." That despite the backstabbing, the betrayal and the awful things they've done to each other, they're very much dependent on each other and cemented the fact that things are going to be different now.

How important was it to have that scene in the finale?

We always talk about how Rachel and Quinn are the love story of the series, and you can imagine writing the scene when we didn't know if it was going to be a series finale.

, comes to fruition when uber-producer Quinn (Constance Zimmer) lets her out for good.

It should be a moment of relief for Rachel, who's spent the entire season trying to prove to Quinn -- through suitress Serena ('s Caitlin Fitz Gerald) -- that she's capable of being loved in spite of her age, success and power.

It was even more important to show that because I do believe that regardless of the bad things that they've done to each other or the ways in which it's an unhealthy relationship, that they love each other very deeply and that Quinn really does care for Rachel in a way that Rachel's own mother never did.

That was really essential, whether it was going to be the end of the series or not.

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The season-ending moment comes after she learns that the psychiatrist Quinn hired, Dr."Those things are ringing in her ear when she goes off to her cabin." But things can't truly end there for Rachel.As we know, a fourth season -- premiere date yet to be announced -- featuring an all-star installment of ?A lot of that has to do with what those people said at the end of season three that are still ringing in her ears and are terrifying her.Rachel lying there on the deck, it's everything she said she wanted -- it's that "beautiful place" -- and yet she's still alone with those thoughts.

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