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You can also look for Majandra as the star of the spoof flick I Know What You Screamed Last Summer. My social life consists of my three best friends and that is always what I like to keep it to, for now. [Laughs] Majandra Delfino Chat Transcript (AOL, December 13, 1999) Online Host: Join us as actress Majandra Delfino, from the TV show "Roswell", appears on AOL Live tonight at 8pm ET! She says, "I had just done a movie where I was treated as an adult - there's this legal thing that if you're six months away from your 18th birthday and it's the summer, you can work as an adult or something." Majandra's deception only came to light when she asked for a studio tutor in her contract. Now, she's got several movies under her belt--and more in the works. Its always fun to do different things but the actual dupe concept didnt go very well with me so Im okay without it. Do you prefer the romantic or science fiction angle of Roswell? I get very tired with too much romance as an individual on TV, it drives me crazy. Whether it's interesting or not - that's up to who is reading it. Majandra, what do you think you have in common with your character? Majandra, have you ever considered going to other parts of the world with your music? Majandra Delfino wants out of Roswell Author: Michael Zitz Date: Feb.To interact with those onstage, click the "Participate in Event" button. Roswell's Majandra Delfino is out of this world in answering this edition of The WB Questionnaire. While she has overcome real-life obstacles, her Roswell character still hits lots of bumps in the road. I like the idea in sci fi that sometimes everythings tense and theyre running away from god knows what, I like that aspect thrown in with the romance of trying desperately to be with this person whos completely unattainable. Its so funny, actors usually have a directing ambition. With that music kind of mentality, my thing is I would love to write and then Id direct something I wrote. 14, 2002 Majandra Delfino: "Roswell Is Holding Me Back" She isn't Maria. No, she's nothing like the air-headed teen character on Roswell, the UPN show about adolescent aliens. I don't know how your hair could have grown so fast, though--are you wearing extensions? Although she's been romantically linked with her 'Roswell' love interest Brendan Fehr, she insists they're not an item. (EST)Majandra Delfino Moderator: Welcome, Majandra! Ive been on sitcoms but nothing that is this long running and such a long day and all of that. When its cold Im like "Im never acting again" because its too freezing. There are so many fans, and its so hard because youre there to work and you want to go and sign autographs but youre at work. Do you have a lot of contact with fans through the web? It was really crazy and then, I dont know how, they got into my personal computer, the full on hacking thing. I have so many problems with that, because, speaking of the music, I have so many situations where these Roswell fans go onto my site and theyre like "Shes not like the same, like bubbly Maria". So you do have to go into it creatively like with wardrobe and all that going for the character, not me. Q: I just wanted to tell you, your hair looks gorgeous long and curly. We use pretty normal stuff, ranging from Mac and Stilla to Bobbi Brown and Shiseido. "But for [my family], until you get married, it's really normal." Which means she may not be leaving the nest anytime soon. But then I'll show up somewhere else with my friend Wilmer Valderrama from 'That '70s Show'." She laughs,. '" Majandra Delfino Alloy Chat November 22, 2000 Chat with Roswell's Majandra Delfino October 26, 2000 6 p.m. I wouldnt know, taking a job on TV, what I prefer because Ive never really been on a drama. So its a lot of fun, and sometimes it gets in the way of work. Is it difficult during filming, with the heat and the pressure? It doesnt get unbearable for me, Im from Miami, I love it when were out in the heat. Theres like some specific sites that we post on, but I just had a terrible thing happen to me where I posted on a site and people had been posting saying that they were me. Yes, definitely, we get input, but its a character you know, its just a character.Select either "Ask a Question" or "Send a Comment." Please be aware that it may not be possible to address all items sent to the stage due to time constraints. My name is Deana, and about 3 weeks ago I sent you a letter. Her on and and offscreen love Brendan Fehr plays Michael, an alien being chased by the FBI and evil aliens. I find it so strange to take someones work and then be the director of it and have their view and take it on as your own, its almost unfair. Is it difficult as a Hispanic actress in an industry where diversity is sometimes frowned upon? She doesn't even like the show that's landed her on the cover of Seventeen and gotten her a sexy layout in FHM men's entertainment magazine.Questions or comments not relevant to the event will not be used. AOLive MC1: Are you ready to field some questions from your fans out there? I was just wondering if you get fanmail, and ever write back? Majandra D: My family moved to LA with me, but I visit my grandparents and aunt and uncle in Miami a lot. Majandra D: I try not to look that far ahead in the future, but college sounds nice. Question: Being that Latinos are making a mark in Hollywood (through music and acting) What mark would you like to make as a young latina? Majandra D: I'd just like to be established as a Latin, because a lot of times people want to hide that fact. And now, a new girl, Courtney, has eyes for her guy. Majandra, the nickname given to her by her sister (she won't reveal her real name), was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and moved to Miami as a toddler. Have they been super supportive, or do you see any jealousy forming between you and your siblings? To me its the same thing as being a singer and only singing songs people write for you. And if anybody is a fan of good music, Im kidding, but you should definitely check it out. Do you ever think about what you're gonna do afterward? Majandra: It's only difficult when I try out for Latin roles, because my blond hair and fair skin make casting directors believe I'm not Latin, which seems quite stereotypical. What do you think of the success of the show in other countries? It makes me happy to see that other countries get it. As a matter of fact, she despises the TV program that's brought her fame.I mean, it's so weird, the way he thinks, it's so not, he's not very complicated, he's very like fundamental and she's very, you know, all different shades of colours, so it's - the storyline for us - is that, the exploration of all that." "There's a lot of kids though that don't... Q: Has Brendan's statement that he's waiting until marriage to have sex affected your relationship? With the special effects, theyve got to put their hand here, not there and theres all these critical things that fall into place so I definitely wouldnt want a power on the show.I mean that I find get very bored with something that's all about high school and dating and whether this one and who did this and that. Do you both appreciate and trust each other more, and are you more comfortable with each other because of sex not being an issue? Im afraid because I know that Liz and Kyle, ever since theyve been healed, are kind of like half alien.

Keep in mind that one of the girls who sang with me was a friend of mine. Majandra D: Also Mike Meyers Question: Do you have on-line? Majandra D: I'd have to say when in the future episodes, there's an instance regarding Maria's bra. Majandra: My CD is available at and can be purchased over the Internet, so it's available to anybody. "I've never taken an acting lesson or been in a play." Delfino, the daughter of Venezuelan and Cuban-American parents, was born in Caracas, began playing piano at 5, and at 11 began to sing and perform.No, no, I don't know that, it was just in general I think for all of the cast members something started happening there, that high school thing, but she definitely has changed in the sense that I think that all of the characters have acknowledged that she is a little crazy but when it comes to serious moments, she can be serious." "My situation with Michael Guerin, it's just trying to understand this kid. In real life yes, I would love to have special powers.I mean he's, you know, mind the phrase, it's like, really alien to me. I think my power in real life would be to stop time, therefore being able to sleep more, stuff like that, study, whatever. But for my character, no, because when they have to do their little special power things its more time. Majandra Delfino Chat-February 14,2000 E Online-Wanda Live Maria Mouths Off: Roswell's Majandra Delfino Came to Chat--and Dish! From Snuggle bear: Do you know if Kyle's going to get a honey? In a very sort of conflicting, Roswell way, he does. Everyone you thought was so normal and nice and moral was taking part in these terrible things. But yeah, as much input as I can have, I have and enjoy it for what its worth. Now Im going to totally mess up the scene after this. No, I'm totally kidding--I'm definitely not the "pretty" girl on this show, so if there is ever any argument, I head to craft services to get me some food. Me, Michael, Max and Liz go on a double date, and the results are kind of disastrous. "The fans need to relax." Out of this world Majandra Delfino in Alloy: Sept 2000 Roswell's Majandra Delfino dishes on fashion, the new TV season, and hooking up with an alien. After a recent party at the Playboy Mansion, she comments, "What a mistake. Don't people realise when they do that that they are getting all the germs from everyone who sat there before them? You still sing on the show - do you have much input as to what youll do in that line? There are certain guidelines we have to follow, for instance I tried to do a Police song, "Cant Stand Losing You" and they felt, because he talks about suicide as a joke, [it wasnt] friendly for the kids. Its really bizarre because everybody always assumes Im the joker. What do you think about the way your character is described as "the spiritual glue and comic relief" of Roswell? I mean the spiritual glue thats a lot to put on someone, that makes me nervous.

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