Cam 2 cam free hook up

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Lots of attention put into replicating a timeless design. Good to see out-of-production specialty gear being covered by a dedicated manufacturer. Cam hooks are rad and should be mandatory on every aid climbers rack.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend. I've even taken them off the rack when I went down to clean when soloing. Maybe you hosed yourself with spacing on gear or had to backclean.

Luckily, Moses Enterprises stepped up to recreate cam hooks.

The next question: could Moses recreate them identically? Read more below and the full story here If you are climbing a clean big wall that is not on sandstone you should definitely buy one of the Narrow sizes. If you are a big wall addict, you may eventually want to branch into other sizes. NOTE: Cam hooks are not appropriate for sandstone as the camming action blows out the edges of the crack.

In bigger cracks, the Moses cam hooks worked just as well as the Leepers. I then put them both in crappy shallow placements: As you can see in the photo, the edges of my Leeper Cam hook are worn down.

The only difference is that my Leeper cams worked their way into slightly more tenuous placements because their corners are worn down (see explanation above).

Here are some photos: These hooks re-invented aid (once again).

In full disclosure, I tested in crappy coastal rock.

A real test is necessary in granite where these will generally be used.

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