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Further features of the present invention will become apparent from the following description of exemplary embodiments with reference to the attached drawings.

When the battery lid 19 is opened, the battery accommodating part 21 for accommodating the battery is exposed to the outside.When the user presses the release button 12 in the shooting state (power-on state) in which the lens barrel has been extended, shooting is performed after focusing on an object.The light emitter 13 flashes when a controller (not shown) determines that the light amount of reflected light is insufficient, according to the shooting environment or when the user selects flashing of the light emitter 13 according to his/her own will, which makes it possible to obtain a high-quality image.Note that in the present embodiment, in an opened state of the battery lid 19, it is also possible to insert or remove an external storage medium that stores shot images.As the external storage medium, it is possible to employ e.g. The lateral side of the camera body 100 is provided with a cable lid 20 in the vicinity of the battery lid 19. shows the cable lid 20 and its surrounding portions in detail.

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