Caught boyfriend trolling dating sites

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If visiting a dating site while in a relationship makes you uncomfortable, say it. Don't assume anything before talking to each other. I (female woman married 27 years) have gone on to dating sites because I was curious about how they worked.

As for me, I'd be furious if I found my fiance surfing dating sites. the bottom line is that love can be hard--so what, grow up and be faithful. If they are not getting it at home, they will look for it someplace else.

As a single woman, if I was paying to be on a dating site and I found out a married guy was wasting my time and money, I'd be ROYALLY p.o.'d.

I would do my best to rat him out to his wife AND his boss/coworkers if I could figure out how to do it, not to mention getting him blackballed on the site.

There are plenty of other places to "chat" such as Sparkpeople that have nothing to do with dating and everything to do with common interests and goals.

That's where you would go for somebody to "chat" with.

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