Cody linley dating demi lovato

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His wife was educated at St Mary's School, Wantage, a private boarding school run by Anglican nuns which closed in 2007.

Dreaming spires: Gorsuch, met his wife while he studied for a D.

The family are Episcopalian and worship at St John's in Boulder, near their home on a private gated estate. If confirmed, Gorsuch would become the only Protestant on the bench.

The rest of the justices are either Catholic or Jewish and John Paul Stevens was the last Protestant on the bench.

He was a student at University College, Oxford, whose famous alumni include President Clinton, who was a Rhodes Scholar, and Chelsea Clinton, who was not a Rhodes Scholar but who gained a master's degree there.

While studying Gorsuch briefly met Louise Burletson when she was a postgraduate business studies student at Christ Church College, at a party.

Gorsuch now faces a fight to have his nomination confirmed by the Senate, with Democrats describing his appointment as 'stolen' and insisting that President Obama should have been allowed to choose Scalia's replacement.

But Margaret said she was pleased by the nomination regardless of the difficulties he will inevitably.

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The couple married a year later and now have two teenage daughters.Scalia's death left the Supreme Court seen as having an even split of liberal and conservative justices , and conservatives such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz are hoping Gorsuch's nomination will tilt the balance in their favor.During Tuesday night's announcement at the White House, President Trump described Gorsuch as 'extraordinary' and 'as good as it gets'.Phil - the equivalent of a Ph D - at University College, Oxford.The college was founded in 1249 and has a claim to be the oldest constituent part of the university.

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