Colorado state law on dating

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Also note that: it is my interpretation that California, Colorado, and Ohio have regulations that make it very difficult for the average homeowner to set up a rainwater harvesting system; even though it is not “blatantly against the law for anyone and / or everyone”.

on the Maryland government website specifically stating that setting up rain barrels or rain water harvesting by individual homeowners is against the law.

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In March 2016, a new requirement that dentists complete 30 hours of continuing education (CE) per two-year license renewal cycle took effect.

We have been getting some posts documenting the harassment of citizens by local authorities in regards to collecting rain water.

This will mean another long process of research to update each state’s information.

I’ve included links to the info used for each state below.

(Corrections accepted with a link to the source.) Thanks to Andre for corrections regarding Ohio, and Georgia, September 21, 2014.

That said, there is a dangerous trend surfacing, not in “big” government, but in local authorities. Do not react out of ignorance resulting in misplaced anger.

Home owner’s associations, local counties, and cities can often times target citizens for a variety of marginally legal reasons, usually resulting from a complaint registered by a neighbor, or the actions of an over-zealous “inspector”. Respond and stand firm with truth and factual evidence.

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