Consolidating special purposes entities

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Besides, the Council also added entities and a person to the list of those subject to restrictive measures.

The regulation giving effect to the October measures further defines the prohibition regarding participation in transactions with Iranian financial institutions, unless authorized in advance.

Today's decision has lifted the prohibition on the provision of insurance and transport in relation to Iranian crude oil sales to its current customers.

In addition, the prohibition on the import, purchase or transport of Iranian petrochemical products and related services has been suspended.

The Council also added 9 persons responsible for serious human rights violations to the list of those subject to a travel ban and an asset freeze. The Council also decided to subject one entity responsible for human rights violations to an asset freeze. The legal acts will be published in the EU Official Journal of 12 March.

For more details on the EU's relationship with Iran and restrictive measures, see factsheet European Union and Iran & EU Press Release.

Besides, the regulation offers further clarification regarding the prohibition to supply certain services in respect of Iranian oil tankers and cargo vessels as well as regarding the ban on supplying vessels designed for the transport or storage of oil to Iran.For more details about them and on EU-Iran relations, see factsheet European Union and Iran.EU sanctions apply in the EU, to EU nationals as well as to entities incorporated under the law of a member state.The legal acts adopted by the Council will be published later today in the EU Official Journal and enter into force today.The remainder of the EU sanctions against Iran remain in force.

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