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At Co Schedule, we've used tools like Optin Monster and Lead Pages.Any of these should work well for building your initial email list to give you an audience that will read your posts and share them with their you can automatically send them relevant content suited for their own preferences. Basically, look into a marketing automation tool like Active Campaign, and start monitoring your most popular pages.

You get subscribers, email them when an article goes live, they go read it and then share it with people.

As we know at Co Schedule, we focus on converting our traffic into email subscribers because they're more likely than any other audience type to become regular users of our editorial calendar software.

Noah has a couple awesome tools he uses to build his email list, including the Sumo Me plugin, List Builder, and Scroll Box.

So of course, I had to dig into our own data to understand what you gals and guys like from us here at Co Schedule.

It turns out that adding a visual into our new post emails decreases open rates by as much as 3.5% while clickthroughs increase by about 2.12%.

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