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Since last year, the team of GM Richard Mosconi -- he also owns La Brasserie Francaise in the Embarcadero -- and chef Yves Garnier, who opened the Ritz Carlton Dining Room restaurant in 1991, guided Le Club.

-- Change also may be on the horizon at one of the most venerable and elegant restaurants in town -- Ernie's, the Jackson Square creation of brothers Victor and Roland Gotti.

The Gottis, who are consummate restaurateurs, stay abreast of trends in wine and food; they've also launched the careers of local stars such as Jacky Robert and Alain Rondelli.

But Roland will soon be 70 and Victor is 73, and despite the help of Terry Fisher, Victor's son-in-law and longtime general manager, they wouldn't mind making a graceful exit, according to Roland.

Consigned to Waldau, a psychiatric hospital in Bern, from the age of 30 to his death at 66 in 1930, Wolfli created thousands of drawings and 45 large illustrated books containing a total of nearly 25,000 pages.One hitch is that, although the deal is in escrow, the lender is requiring seismic work on the 88- year-old brick building.Breed, who will have the engineers' report this week, says it could kill the deal if the cost is too high.Spoerri became the chief guardian and interpreter of Wolfli's art.In 1975 she became the founding curator of the Adolf Wolfli Foundation at the Kunstmuseum Bern.

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