Darcy dating mr

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But there are three straightforward and easily implementable ways to open yourself up to improving your chances in finding Mr or Miss right.

After all, as the heiress to the renowned London department store Dashwood & James she’s been wearing designer shoes since she could walk!

Your perfect person could come from any direction, so open all avenues available to you.

Don’t focus on the superficial This next point can be tough if you think you have a “type”, but bear in mind that having one hasn’t worked for you in the past, or you wouldn’t be looking! You obviously can’t ignore them completely as there will need to be some chemistry to attract you in the first place, but don’t limit yourself by being too specific or by looking for perfection.

Confidence is sexy and no matter how tall, slim or intelligent someone is, people are drawn to those who project confidence.

The harsh truth is that most of us are average looking.

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