Darwinian code dating

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“Might a great burst of genetic creativity have driven a Cambrian Genesis and given birth to the modern world?

” [1] What explanations such as this do not address is the problem of how evolution overcame such astronomical entropic barriers.

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The researchers proposed that before the dawn of Darwinian evolution, life fluctuated back and forth between a genetically highly mixed and a partially unmixed state.

Over time, the less mixed state exhibiting a more clearly defined genetic profile became increasingly stable and eventually generated the very first species.

Disclaimer: Though not all Bible-believing Christians and churches agree on the Earth's age, both Young & Old-Earth Creationists deny the Darwinian-Evolutionary explanation for the origin of human life, and affirm that God is the sovereign Creator.

In the famed Cambrian Explosion most of today’s animal phyla appeared abruptly in the geological strata.

The Cambrian Explosion is not the only example of the abrupt appearance of new forms in the fossil record, and the other examples are no less easy for evolution to explain.

Yet the components of life probably did not go together so well right from the start.

Initially, life presumably existed in the form of a genetically highly mixed collective state in which the biochemistry of individuals functioned in a very rough-and-ready fashion.

Nor has the old saw, that it’s the fossil record’s fault, fared well.

There was once a time when evolutionists could appeal to gaps in the fossil record to explain why the species appear to arise abruptly, but no more.

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