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Where there are few rows of static data in a table, a heap can be an advantage, especially if covering non-clustered index is used.The word ‘Heap’ means an untidy collection of objects piled on top of each other.If you have done so go back now and remove the apostrophe.This is a handy little piece of code that will toggle the worksheet tabs on and off.Once all pages are full, a new page will be allocated to accommodate new rows.When a row in a heap is updated so that it then no longer fits in its original location in the page, then the row has to be moved to another page that has the required space or to a new page, and a forwarding pointer is left on the page from where the row moved. In consequence, rows are not in specific order and one row can be at an entirely different page to the previous one, and the next.There is no physical or logical ordering between the pages and rows in heap.SQL Server has to use IAM (Index Allocation Map) page to move through heap.

When your application is presented to the end user you definitely will not want allow them access to your sheet tabs.The code that you see below should be copied and pasted into that module On the Interface sheet you will notice a button (shape) that says “Add and Edit Staff”. When data is added to our database we want to sort that data.In the procedure below we will be sorting the data by column E. Note: you may have commented out this macro in the Private Sub cmd Add_Click procedure.We can add new staff and delete staff from our Excel Userform.This staff database project is similar to Simply the Best Phone Book Project but it differs in that it is easier to adjust to suit your personal needs.

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