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There are plains, taigas, steppes, plains and mountains.

[Russia from Above: A Glimpse at a Vast Landscape] For example, in 2017 the Russian volcano called Kambalny erupted after nearly 250 years of dormancy.

more about Aleksandra from Zaporozhye I am calm open minded and well-balanced person.I like to travel, meet new people on my road of life.But what I treasure the most is time with my family and kids I always put my..."The Soviet rule left its impression on the culture, creating a fundamental fear and mistrust of those outside the family, extended family and other close familial connections," she told Live Science.The Communist Party ruled Russia and neighboring territories for more than 70 years, uniting them into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). "The challenges families faced under communism left individuals highly dependent on family support, which oftentimes required the combining of resources to survive," Wagner continued.

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