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I had a real cool boyf (called Matt p.), who'd come over to my house almost every day.

He was the cutest guy of our school, and he was 1.90m tall, for that he was captain in our school's basketball team.

Well anyway, at that time I had just turned 16 and he was almost 18.

When one day he came over to my place, he had a present behind his back, which I knew was supposed to be for me.

"When the soldiers came, I was teaching children Quranic recitation. "We faced various challenges before arriving at this camp 25 days ago.

It felt really strange, so different but simply great. Then he touched my tits, very gently though, and I felt my nipples getting hard. I put my hand to his bib, slowly pulling it over his arms and head. He stimulated me in such a gently way, so good I was about to have an orgasm. Then he took out his finger, and I think he moved it to his face, to smell my fragrance. Then he undressed me fully, afterwards pulling of his shorts, making him naked too. I think I got his climax there, cuz he started to groan, soft at first but getting louder every sec. We groaned and moaned, and he went deeper and deeper. Then we got our rhythm, we moved in a harmonic way. When he got his cock out of my clit, he had to finger me again, because I couldn't calm down. I think I had just lived the 50 most best minutes in my life. But alex told me not to be dating w/ him, cuz his real girlfriend could kill him for fucking me.

However, I safely escaped here with my children, taking three days to reach the camp.

In that period, we had nothing to eat," said Nur Begum who had arrived at the Kutupalong Refugee Camp 10 days ago.

Well he was playing, and he asked me whether I could come to watch it. When we finally had finished, I went right to the gym, not even letting Shanya and Carolyn know where I was.

I was lucky cuz I was pretty early, so I got a seat in the front row. Matt played relly good, getting five baskets in just 3 mins. The other team had guys in it, which were the worst I've ever seen, but there was that guy (which I later found out his name was Alex) which pulled my attention. While they were playing, alex kept looking my way, as if I was some sort of alien. As I said, the hall was totally dark and people were just able to not bump in a person while trying to walk.

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