Dating and secret and revealed

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Early in a relationship, you dominate her life, so her friends are already texting for daily updates.If she were any less discreet, she'd have a blog with your name in the URL.On the other hand, a woman who blushes, looks away, or tells you you're crazy doesn't consider herself particularly pretty.To her, the words "You look gorgeous" are pure gold. Women figure that even the most sensitive man likes to feel sexually dominant at first, so she'll downplay her carnal knowledge.So we decided to take a different approach in getting him to understand by creating the ultimate women's wish list (that we hope will make things easier for man and womankind).And while this is no lesson on how to treat a lady it's a pretty accurate guide into what us girls are really thinking.It's a great way of speaking from the heart especially since guys aren't always so good at it (verbally).

If your girl doesn't feel like she’s a priority then you're doing something very wrong buddy.

So please just mute the TV, put down your beer and just listen dammit!

It’s true when they say honesty is the best policy. Women need to feel like they’re more important than an Xbox.

Secret #4 That sex trick she says she's never done before? In a couple of months, her real bedroom persona will rear its randy head.

Secret #6 Half of her ecstatic moans are total b.s.

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