Dating bible lessons

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3mb Word Brad Anderson: Ecclesiastes is a book that talks about life with and without God.The author tried all kinds of things to amuse, entertain, and improve himself, and finally came to the conclusion that God is the only One who gives any meaning to life.Apologetics Brad Anderson: Apologetics more simply means “to make a defense.” This course of 14 lessons teaches youth how to make a biblical defense of the faith.This study includes a section on various “isms” which threaten the faith.755 k Word Atheism Brad Anderson: The purpose of this series of lessons is to define and examine atheism from a Christian perspective.

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Consideration will be given to the Baptist Confessions, theologians, pastors, and other leaders.

This study will also examine movements such as the Northern Baptist Convention, Conservative Baptist Association, and modern fundamentalist groups.

The outcome should be a renewed desire for students to reach their peers with the gospel, accompanied by the ability to do so.2.3 mb PDFBrad Anderson: “Why can’t we all just get along?

” seems to be a common sentiment within Christianity today.

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