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If she expects you to get her drinks or hold the door or introduce her to everyone you know right off the bat, you best find someone else to engage in conversation with.

Another approach to getting to the truth is by involving some of your friends in one of your early dates.

If you do not have the opportunity to engage in something competitive or challenging, you also have other ways of measuring her temper.

For example, she might get easily irritated when driving the car, or supremely annoyed by people talking in the movie theater row behind you.

Most often it’s because of their nurturing, gentle, caring and sexy ways.

So what if you missed the warning signs and the woman that you are dating seems to be becoming the most controlling person in your life – how can you be sure when she has crossed the line, or if she is just concerned about you?

A control freak will try to regulate everything you do.

It will not take long for a control freak in hiding to show her true colors.

She is bound to start complaining or making requests of you shortly after you meet her, so be wary of these, even if they seem small in nature.

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