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C = Decade of design (1960's) 8 = Year of the decade (1968) A = Car line (Ford) 1007 = Basic part number (Wheel Assembly) E = Design change (4th revision, not including original design) Note that this wheel assembly is no longer a Thunderbird design, but was initiated for Ford vehicles.

The size, hole, and bolt circle are all the same, but this particular wheel has additional identification markings with a "V" stamped into the metal and yellow paint to designate its offset.

Son of James Carr Wallen, Big Sandy was a blacksmith and farmer by trade and was a local legend known for his enormous strength.

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It is actually quite common to find parts originally designed for Thunderbirds on Lincolns, and Falcon parts on Mustangs.

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Other information indicates it was an Engine Engineering Division design, weighs 9 pounds, provides information on the quality control inspection, and the date packed.

Here's how this number is decoded: C = Decade of design (1960's) 5 = Year of decade (1965) S = Car line (Thunderbird) Z = Engineering Department (Ford Service Parts) 1007 = Basic part number (Wheel Assembly) A = Design change (original design, no revision) This basic wheel was used on Thunderbirds from 1965-1967.

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