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Gibson folklore has also claimed its guitars were made by "seasoned craftsmen" who were "too old for war." In 1944 Gibson was purchased by Chicago Musical Instruments. Gibson hired Ted Mc Carty in 1948, who became President in 1950.

He led an expansion of the guitar line with new guitars such as the "Les Paul" guitar introduced in 1952 and designed by Les Paul, a popular musician in the 1950s and also a pioneer in music technology.

In '68 the founding members were drummer Jon Hiseman, tenor sax-player Dick Heckstall-Smith and bass player Tony Reeves, later joined by Dave Greenslade (keyboards), Dave Clempson (guitar), Chris Farlowe (vocals) and Mark Clark, he replaced Tony Reeves.

COLOSSEUM made three studio albums: "Those Who Are To Die We Salute You" and "Valentyne Suite" (both from '69) and "Daughter Of Time" ('70).

\n Ok, so I finally got my ASAT Special off my cousin after he set it up very nicely.

The guitar is great but I was wondering how to date it, as the online services only seem to date the U. made ones, whereas mine, being a Tribute by G&L is Korean made I think.

(formerly Gibson Guitar Corp.) is an American manufacturer of guitars, other musical instruments, and consumer and professional electronics now based in Nashville, Tennessee. Gibson invented archtop guitars by constructing the same type of carved, arched tops used on violins.

In '71 the band released their highly acclaimed live album "Colosseum live", a proove of their great skills on stage but also showing that at some moments the compositions sounded a bit too stretched.

The second album "The Valentyne Suite" is considired as their best.

It sounds mature and varied with the epic titletrack as the highlight: it's build up around a mindblowing solo on the Hammond organ by Dave Greenslade and great guitarwork by James Litherland. ), Dick Heckstall-Smith delivers stunning tenor-saxophone work.

In 1958, Gibson produced two new designs: the eccentrically shaped Explorer and Flying V.

These "modernistic" guitars did not sell initially.

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