Dating game episodes 2016

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Meanwhile, Bishop and Qasim find a break in the case together.

Season 14, Episode 12January 17, 2017Gibbs spots the brother of an NCIS "Most Wanted" suspect and immediately assumes his former alias and goes undercover with their infamous anti-government militia.

Season 14, Episode 23May 9, 2017The stress of Mc Gee and Delilah's imminent wedding takes its toll, as Delilah is rushed to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the NCIS team travels out to sea after a young and healthy petty officer aboard a Navy destroyer dies in his sleep.

Meanwhile, the team exchanges holiday gifts; and Gibbs eats Christmas dinner with Fornell.

Season 14, Episode 7November 15, 2016Torres boldly breaks protocol when he learns a witness in an NCIS case is wanted by U. Meanwhile, Bishop's brothers visit for the Thanksgiving holiday and pester her co-workers to find out who she is dating.Meanwhile, the probe reminds Torres of a tragic time from his past.Season 14, Episode 19March 28, 2017A Marine is murdered at an event for the Honor Flight Network, a non-profit that arranges for veterans to visit the World War II, Korea and Vietnam War Memorials in Washington, D. The NCIS team is forced to rely on a cantankerous Vietnam veteran to provide details on the victim's whereabouts throughout the day he was killed.Meanwhile, Bishop and Reeves continue their off-the-books investigation of Chen.Season 14, Episode 14February 7, 2017The murder of a petty officer in a small town outside of Washington, D.

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