Dating games sex kitten

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[Read: How to look a lot better naked using 15 simple tips] #16 You know your gift.You truly believe that you can get anything done using your sexual prowess.Are you a glamorous sex doll in the making or are you an experienced sex kitten who gets anything done with a little snap of her fingers and a peek of her cleavage?

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After all, it is a good way to pretend like it’s all a big mistake in the morning. You love flashing a bit of skin at a guy and pretending like you didn’t realize it while having a conversation with him, just to watch him shuffle around nervously because he’s trying hard to not get distracted from your face. You don’t care about emotional connections when you’re having sex with a guy. Your friends get wary when you start talking to their boyfriends because they secretly feel threatened by you.

16 signs you have a purring sex kitten in you So do you like using your sex appeal to get guys to do your bidding?

Or do you enjoy having sex more than falling in love?

You don’t always say it out, but deep inside, you know that every guy you’ve talked to is sexually attracted to you.

All you need to do is flirt a little with him to make him fall head over heels in love with you.

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