Dating guidelines girls

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Point out to them, “Why waste your time staying with someone who hurts you when there are plenty of other fish in the sea?

Dr Lim sums up, “Have a good rapport with your kids by spending quality and fun time with them, as well as communicating openly, honestly and empathetically with them ― this will encourage them to be more open.“Sometimes, it’s as simple as listening more and talking or nagging less!

Dr Lim points out that for safety reasons, “Teens should be accountable and inform parents of their whereabouts and plans.”4.

Keep to the curfew Apply a curfew ― so that they can show you they can be trusted to follow the rules and be back by an agreed time.

Even though Singapore is relatively safe at night, anything might happen.

If he or she knows they’ll be delayed, they should inform you, so you don’t spend the entire night worrying about them.5.

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