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It often happens when men past 30 let themselves go. My first man boobs came attached with a surreptitious spare tire. The nipples were puffy with a dome-shaped areola, also slightly larger than my own. I’ve never been a fan of vaginas, even my own, but boobs are fun for everyone! I pulled a cough and roll, dislodging myself entirely from his body without consequence. I don’t know if I will encounter another pair again and if I do, I still don’t know if I will be ready to negotiate. I didn’t think things were terribly off when he kept his shirt on the first couple of times we rolled about in bed together. In between those blouse brothers was a tiny tuft of hair — the only reminder that this was a boy chest. I had to remind myself to continue doing the things we had been doing the way they had been done. My gay best friend will motor-boat me each and every time he has more than three glasses of chardonnay. You can’t stroke his chest, exactly, because you would have to run your hands up and over those mounds of flesh. It didn’t happen during any kind of sexual act, but rather in a kind of post-coital embrace where I was big spoon. Male genitalia obviously comes in all shapes, sizes and easterly orientations.Y chromosomes often cause their carrier vessels to have hair in the strangest of places (and shapes). He was never really comfortable naked around me after that. Had things continued beyond our run of a couple months, maybe we would have gotten into running or yoga or kickboxing together.But what I had never encountered until age 31 was the man boob — until recently. None of my friends were shocked when I told them I chanced upon a man with breasts. The gays apparently call them “moobs.” Of course in that community, they are shunned and sentenced to the David Barton Gym for immediate alteration. David Beckham might be delightful to look at in all his man muscle-y glory on a 30-foot billboard, but women have enough insecurities about our own bodies and sex to be faced with perfection when we’re trying to have an orgasm. Doctors say that the condition lessens with weight loss.Doctors, I have been told, refer to it as , meaning breasts: men with lady breasts. After several sleepovers, in an attempt to ease any insecurities he might have had about his body, I took the initiative and removed his shirt. Large, downy, pillowy, slightly-larger-than-my-own-B-cup-but-a-tad-saggier-breasts were in my face. Like any red-blooded heterosexual girl, I’m into boobs. The man boobs didn’t bother me as much as they intrigued me.One of the big reasons why men love BBW(big beautiful women) is that all big beautiful women have big boobs.

My somnolent self gently cupped one of his breasts, then the other.

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