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Tami’s attention allowed me to focus on the unfolding singularity of each present moment, each step in the dance, and, as both witness and participant, her insight sketched constellations between these moments, proffering images laden with meaning.

Reflecting now, it seems we engaged in a practice of surreptitious approach, guerrilla movements or improvisational dances, toward (insofar as around reveals) the very unspeakable, the enormity and permeability and resilience of life (as we perhaps not know but sense it): the self. That alone, to have your public without judgement, is mechanism for potential change. But to know Tami is, to me, a gift that vast exceeds the limitations of the imagined, the claimed known.

I have been gifted tools for redefining the relationship between myself and the world and opening myself to life, love, and growth.

To give a sense of what Tami provides, and illustrate the change, some brief context of where I was prior to our meeting is needed.

I highly recommend Colleen for whatever you're working on; she's a versatile, intuitive, highly skilled coach and healer.

I have had the pleasure of receiving therapeutic services from Sandra Terry for several years now.

I feel deeply restored, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When I have specific areas of my body that are painful, I leave without pain. I feel 100% comfortable with her, as if I'm speaking with a friend whom I've known for a long time.

For the past few months, I've been in a transitional time in my life, Ilsa has been there every step of the way guiding and advising me.

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Soft tears of overwhelming gratitude accompany reflection on the role she has played in my life.

She's my go-to coach and healer whenever one of my clients (I'm a business coach) has mindset stuff that's blocking them from moving forward.

I've referred several people to her, and she's always able to help them!

Yet, I was in a bad way, I felt: pivoting from substances, food, and entertainment to distract from the roar of confusion and periods of crippling self-doubt, guilt, and limited functioning, I felt desperate, unable to remember past joy or imagine future pleasure, and all the guiltier for not feeling the gratitude I ought to for what I had.

I could not see the sun, could not stand to stand inside the love family and friends had to offer.

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