Dating in midland ont

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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. name this bar:warm beer, ugly women, lousy food (did i get that right? Ya "Cocktails & Shotz" would have been a great place to have this party since they had lots of room there but since they went the way of the dodo bird I am checking out "Scully's" down by the town dock. As for other's suggestions I'm not forgetting any of them but wanting to make the best choice possible !! thanks for the's been almost 10 years since i past by there.i took a picture of it as i was crying with laughter upon seeing the sign! lollast time i was in the area my accomodation was a boyscout cabin with no shower facilities so we had to go to the midland YMCA to GROUP freakin' shower with my classmates! so far just thinking of a Patio Party kinda thing but will keep in touch about the camp-out !! Proving the numbers opens up doors for later on too !!

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... and will have the bar set up outside(for the drinkers). Was checking out "Scully's Crab Shack" today and they have the biggest patio in town for lots of peeps to enjoy the fresh air !! So when the party thread gets posted this weekend lets have a major load of sign-ups and prove that Midland is equal to Barrie and Orillia as a great POF party zone !!

After a week or two, you will find an excellent advancement.

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the crowd at nanas can be just as young as the one at bleachers.. Looks like it'll be "Sha Na Na's" (cozier setting for smaller crowd ... LOL It's been like forever since you posted this tread!!!!!!! I am so in to a party in midland...........last time we were close at the campin grounds...we not.......this going to be a campout.......

As for the town grill being a spot theres a small bar and most seats are for families eating dinner.. 210 or less, they have a small patio area) or "Bleachers" (will hold up to 300 and have the 2nd largest patio in town that I know of) for a 1st Midland POF party, just have to figure out a couple more details before deciding. I have the location locked in provided one little hurdle is overcome by the bar itself for them to be able to commit. ~~MWKYou know you can count me in wolfie....we are going to need a date soon...some of us are booking in August now....still a couple of weekends left here and there....dammmmm I so wanna go......... Now go in and START a thread for a P-A-R-T-Y already.... I can hardly wait......The famous May 24 at bells falls I think.......

Not sure about Yorkies but the last time I was there the service was awfull and mouthy.. Any more suggestions will be greatly appreciated !! Have already been starting to discuss incentives with them and it looks promising. I for one would be happy with another of those weekends.......never mind a bar party.............hey this is your call....I will play follow the leader......THE PARTY IS NOW POSTED !!!!

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