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Aladino Quiles Rivera was born in Utuado, Puerto Rico, on November 17, 1933. Aladino sustained fragment related injuries to the face, arms, back, abdomen and legs. Graduating in 1931,third in his class of 441, Rivero became a specialist in ordnance engineering and, later, nuclear weapons. He was a delegate to the state and national conventions of the National Education Association for more than 20 years. Anderson-Mc Queen Funeral Homes & Cremation Tribute Center-Bobbitt Chapel, St. Arrangements are by the Keri Memorial Funeral Home, Lincoln Park. Rodriguez was a draftsman at Howard, Needles, Tamman and Bergendorf Engineering, Fairfield, for 40 years before retiring two years ago. Clair West Point Class of 1939(Cadet Number 11619) Colonel (Retired) Howard Bertolet St.

He was the son of Praxedes Rivera and Francisco Quiles. He had an older brother Francisco “Pepin”, and a younger sister Minerva. After surgery, Aladino recuperated for approximately three months and returned to duty. His other awards and citations include the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, The National Defense Service Medal, The Korean Service Medal, The United Nations service medal, The Republic of Korea War service medal and the Presidential Unit Citation pin. Farragut, who uttered the immortal line, "Damn the torpedoes! " Farragut, the son of an immigrant from Spain, became an admiral in 1866. During World War II, he was a gunnery officer aboard the cruisers USS San Juan and USS Pittsburgh in the Pacific theater, earning a ! In the Korean War, he commanded the amphibious transport USS Noble. He served in the Navy during World War II in the Seabees. Rodriguez lived in New York City before moving to Lincoln Park in 1964. Clair passed away of natural causes on July 2, 2003 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was born on June 11, 1916 in War, West Virginia to Will and Ethel Dixon St. His military career spanned thirty years and included service in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Clair entered the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York in 1935 after one year at Marshal College in West Virginia. Clair “ran afoul of the academics Plebe year, fought the usual battle, won, and hasn't worried since about the Academic Department.” A natural athlete “Saint” devoted himself to track and cross country and was a pistol sharpshooter. He graduated on June 12, 1939, as the clouds of war were gathering over Europe.

“Any time we are recognized by the community, it carries a special meaning about how we contributed to its overall health, growth and success.

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Not one to sit around, Ramon took a custodial job at Virginia Theological Seminary and later became sexton at Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, both in Alexandria."He was wonderful to be around. For the wake, his family displayed his Army medals and draped his casket with the American flag. In October the 65th Infantry finally joined the 3d Infantry Division, the regiment’s parent unit for the duration of the war. Clair’s raw courage in combat served his battalion well.

And he did his job better than anybody should have a right to expect," said the Rev. "I don't think he would have recognized the word 'menial.' " Ramon's daughter Carmen Bishop said her father "was afraid to retire, because he thought he would die." He finally did quit, though, in 1995. But just two years later, his health began to fail. Their request for a military funeral was denied, the mortuary was told, because the burial was Jan. The news disappointed, even angered, his widow and children. of Edison; a sister, Rose Catalana of Howard Beach, N. Gerity Funeral Home, 411 Amboy Ave., Woodbridge, followed by an a.m. In November 1950, after one of his companies had been attacked and surrounded by Chinese Communist Forces, he fought his way to the isolated unit and, with utter disregard for his own safety, organized a defense under fire, ensuring the survival of his men pending the arrival of reinforcements.

He spent his last four years in uniform as commander of Allied Forces in Southern Europe for NATO. He was a member of Notre Dame of Bethlehem Catholic Church. Salazar; children, Willie Salazar Jr., Wilbert Salazar, Roland Salazar, Robert Salazar, Terry S. A fierce devotion to family: Any party that did not include the kids was not for him. "I'm Ramon." "He was a happy person," his brother, Jose, summed up. The unit was the Regular Army’s only all-Hispanic infantry regiment. Clair’s battalion played a major role in the 65th Infantry’s stubborn defense of Vieques Island during the Puerto Rico Exercises (PORTREX) of 1950.

He was an Army veteran of the Korean War and was awarded the Purple Heart. Y., Kenneth; daughters, Cathleen Baker of Glenside, Montgomery County, Cynthia Perez of Bethlehem, Sonia Rivera of Ridgefield, N. Arguello, Juan Salazar, Rudy Salazar, Rick Salazar and Ray Salazar; sisters, Vidala S. His old-fashioned ways: no dating or makeup for his daughters. Ramon left school after eighth grade to help support his family. he thought he was supposed to be there." Over their grieving mother's objections, Ramon reenlisted, making the Army his career. PORTREX was the American military’s largest joint, amphibious, and airborne maneuvers in history.

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