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Following a brief interim government headed by social democrat Alexander Kerensky, the Bolshevik faction of the Communist Party under Marxist Vladimir Lenin seized power, with the money provided by the German establishement, withdrew Russia from the war, and launched a purge of clerics, political dissidents, aristocrats, the bourgeoise, and the wealthy independent farmers.A brutal civil war between the "Red Army" of the communist leadership and the "White Army" largely consisting of foreign interventionists back by Britain, Germany and France lasted until late 1920.His initiatives inadvertently released forces that went beyond his control, triggering political movements that eventually consumed the Soviet Union itself in December 1991.The Russian Federation emerged from the Soviet Union during the turbulent events of 1990-91.Nazi Germany invaded the USSR 22nd of June 1941, having conquered most of the Western Europe.The Great Patriotic war for USSR began; after heavy fights the Soviet Army's successful campaigns on the Eastern Front culminated in capture of Berlin.An ex-Soviet security officer, and head of the revived Russian federal security service under Yeltsin, Putin inspired with his charismatic personality russian patriotism, and was able to consolidate the positive spirit of the country, however has been much condemned by the old Western countries.

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Ill health and alcohol dependancy, eventually forced Yeltsin to resign, and Vladimir Putin filled his remaining term (January - April 2000) as President.

In October 1957 the USSR became the first country to launch an artificial satellite into space.

This was followed by sending the first human (Yuri Gagarin) into space in 1961.

Putin proved to be a successful and popular leader and was re-elected for the third term when eligible again in 2012.

Since 2000, all government institutions underwent a dramatic positive transformation, the economy has bounced back from crisis, thanks in no small part to five-fold increases in the prices of raw materials Russia has in abundance.

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