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And to be honest, sometimes it feels good to hit something, as long as you don’t hurt anyone or anything. How can you not laugh at Wedding Crashers over and over again?! Just like no one wants a sex tape for all the world to see, most people probably wouldn’t like to see or hear video footage of them when they are acting like a crazy person, screaming and cussing over something as trivial as literal spilt milk.

The next time your partner decides they want to throw a temper tantrum, take your phone out and record them, and then when they are done, replay their behavior in all its glory for them, so they can see just how ridiculous they’re being.

All relationships have good days and bad days, but just because you two may not agree on something, or life doesn’t go the way you want it to, does not mean it needs to turn into a huge fight.

It’s never fun being around someone who is screaming or yelling *think crying babies on airplanes*, and it’s especially not fun when it’s your significant other.

It’s just ice cream, it can be replaced, and it will taste the same as the one before.

This is an example of a very stupid thing to get upset over.

Try this the next time you know your partner is upset about something, but not at their breaking point.

[Read: 25 inspirational tips to motivate you to work out] #2 If they start yelling, walk away.

More than likely, when you arrive back, they will apologize for behaving the way they did.Ask questions like, do you have a roof over your head? The next time your guy or gal wants to act out, you too, should put on a performance.If they are screaming, or stomping, or slamming kitchen cabinets, turn on a really silly song like the “Chicken Dance” song, or something that makes you feel really child-like and silly. Because you’re doing the chicken dance, having a great time and ignoring them.Next time, they probably will think twice about all the F-bombs they say, or maybe they will be so embarrassed that they won’t even raise their voice. If your partner is really angry and upset, and you don’t know if they are on the verge of crying or screaming, try sitting down with them, and just listen.In this situation, you need to remain calm, and speak with a relaxing tone in your voice.

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