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“I’m so fucking sick and tired of people coming into Brooklyn like they just discovered the damn place and then changing everything to better suit their own interests.

Three years ago when I first moved here to do the whole post-college starving artist thing this place had character, y’know?

It's a city of hustlers, all trying to make it, which creates this lively, ego-driven environment of cunning competition and self awareness.The thing that makes New York so amazing and unique is the life that lies within it.It's the people, culture, diversity and speed this city is running on that gives New York the reputation for desire, productivity, innovation and discovery that simply cannot be found in any other city in this world.“This is, objectively speaking, the Greatest City on Earth. I grew up in Cliffside Park so I always knew there was nowhere else for me other than the Big Apple, and sure enough here I am!Every day I feel like I wake up in a dream, like I’m a Disney Princess who just won the Powerball and is dating Liam Hemsworth.

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