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I did the only honorable thing I could think of and that was to break up with her first thing in the morning, and began my new life walking to Carvel with the 14-year-old minx.It was a lovely two or three days and it was the beginning of my sexual awakening. Later in the week, at the rollerskating rink, karma made sure I experienced exactly what I put the little red-haired girl through.Taylor is the president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management, the world's largest HR professional society. In our small business (restaurant) of 15-20 employees, we lose employees to their smartphones! But we all want to feel connected to family or friends even when we're at work. The bottom line: You are the boss, so you absolutely could ban cellphones.It looks terrible to customers and the work stoppage, even if in fits and starts, is costly. But I'm guessing you're looking to strike a balance between your needs and your workers' needs. If the relationship doesn't work out, you've got to let HR know that, as well.

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I was overwhelmed in the most literal sense of the word. When I expressed my immediate pangs of regret, the older girl snapped the enormous piece of Bubble Yum she had in her mouth and said, rather than asked, “What’s the big deal?

Incidentally, if you're wondering how well is this rule adhered to in practice, the dating website has done an extensive analysis of age preferences amongst their members.

A really interesting analysis (and quite sophisticated - maybe done in R?

It wasn’t too long before I met a lot of kids my own age and began dating this cute redhead who lived down the road.

Now we were 12, so when I say “date,” I mean we French kissed and held hands as we walked to get Carvel ice-cream every night.

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