Dating mitchell reels

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They are old, and they were among the first truly mass-produced fishing reels in the U. Because so many were produced, they are still relatively inexpensive, and their seemingly infinite variety virtually guarantees that a collector will never run out of Hendryx reels to track down.

I can't tell which particular model your reel is without pictures, but the odds are that it's a small, single-action reel made of thin, stamped brass.

The older models usually were made with nickel-plated brass, but after World War II, aluminum quickly became more widely used.

Pflueger and Shakespeare reels are generally more popular with collectors than the other mass-produced reels, but most of their products remain in the category discussed here.

Reels of that style are auctioned frequently on ebay. A: The first Benson reel, one of the better-known "Indiana" reels, was patented in 1920 (#1,351,549) by Lawrence Benson, Kokomo, Ind. Your combination rod/reel features an Indiana-style spool mounted on a rod and having a thumb-operated brake.

In general, only the highest quality reels (for example, a few made with nickel silver) or reels in mint condition command prices in the higher end of that range.

Most are more valuable for fishing than as collectibles.

The company was bought by the makers of True Temper tackle. Pflueger Akron, Summit, Nobby, Skilkast, Supreme The Pflueger reels were the top line made by Enterprise Mfg.

Co., Akron, Ohio, whose lower-priced tackle bore "Four Brothers" and "Portage" brands.

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