Dating old photographs family history

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Placing a photo on Ancestry, the data does not follow.

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To truly save your family photos – with all the amazing stories that go along with them – you need to add information that will stick, so use metadata. About the Authors: Thomas Watson is the co-founder and CEO of Roots Family History,™ a company dedicated to the development of new technologies that help archive and preserve the collective story of the human population.This works great for adding metadata like names and places! Unless you actually add metadata to the original scan, you don’t have permanent information attached to your photo.And that’s tragic for future generations who want to get to know their the co-founder and COO of Roots Family History.™ Craig joined his father’s company, Media Specialties, Inc. The company was widely known for its custom scanning and printing capabilities and was looking to expand its offerings.He decided to add a robust picture framing department, and revamp their printing facility, adding canvas gallery wraps.

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